We can't emphasize how much more delicious and nutritious baked goods are with Honoré Farm and Mill flour. The taste is incomparable AND we feel so good serving food that is densely nutritious. One note, our 100% whole wheat flour behaves differently from white flour or even commercial whole wheat flour. In general, our flour requires more moisture and takes longer to fully hydrate. In our experience, recipes that call for white flour rarely work out to one's expectations. We have thoroughly researched and experimented with these recipes to bring you the best of the best. Enjoy!

Banana Bread.jpg

banana bread

This is my family's favorite banana bread recipe. With our flour, it is irresistible. After it comes out of the oven, I love seeing my family make multiple trips into the kitchen, cutting off yet another thick slice. It's gone by the end of the day. 


Cardamom Pumpkin Cake
with Brown Butter Maple Glaze & Pumpkin Seed Brittle 

Bundt cakes are elegant and require less frosting than other cakes. This moist pumpkin cake incorporates the exotic spices of Morocco into a thoroughly autumnal cake. A great addition to Thanksgiving celebrations.


chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

I’ve been making this dessert since 2010, starting with my son’s 11th birthday party. I wrote in the margin of the Macrina Cookbook, “absolutely delicious!” Baked with our Sonora whole wheat flour, it is even more delicious than when I used to bake with white flour.


chocolate chip cookies

After nearly a year of experimenting with chocolate chip cookie recipes, I finally found one that really shines with our flour. The recipe is adapted to work with our 100% whole wheat flour. After dinner, slice a few cookies off the roll, bake, and delight your friends and family with the smell and taste of fresh hot chocolate chip cookies.



dinner rolls

Whether it's Thanksgiving or a family dinner, these rolls are the perfect accompaniment to any entree. I get hungry just thinking about them!


fruit scones

I am a BIG fan of scones. Made with our Sonora flour they are so much tastier than anything from a bakery, not to mention so much healthier. This is a tried and true recipe from my friend Stasia.


grandma's blueberry muffins

Who doesn't love a good blueberry muffin? One of my dear friends gave us the recipe her grandmother has been making since she was young. Enjoy!


communion bread.jpg

honey whole wheat communion bread

We’re excited to say that more and more churches are using our flour to bake their communion bread. Some choose it for its rich, slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Others are focused on bringing life-giving food to their altars. Both are true, and because we grow our own grain, and work with local farmers, we're supporting small family farms. Baking with freshly-milled whole wheat is somewhat different than baking with commercial flour. Freshly milled flour requires more hydration. Follow these step by step directions for the best results.


honoré summer salad

Sasha, one of the hostesses from my bread baking workshop, served this salad at lunchtime to the class. It was so delicious and satisfying, every single person there asked for the recipe. Since then I’ve enjoyed serving this salad to delighted guests, and I always bring copies of the recipe. It’s perfect for lunch or a light summer dinner,and can be prepped ahead and easily composed just before serving. Needless to say, it’s the perfect salad to serve with fresh, warm sourdough bread or with our honey whole wheat dinner rolls.

Photo Coming Soon.jpg

hungarian coffee cake

Whenever I bake this coffee cake and put it out on the cake stand, I'm lucky if it's still there the next morning. We absolutely adore this recipe, and the flavor only gets richer with Honoré sonora flour! 



lydia's celebration cake

My friend Alice bought some of my flour over the holidays and served this cake for a family New Year's Eve party.  Everyone loved it so much that I've made it for every birthday celebration since.  At a recent party a friend who was the first pastry chef at Postrio, here in San Francisco, couldn't believe the cake was made from whole wheat flour and asked for the recipe straight away. Have fun decorating and enjoy!




There is nothing like making homemade pasta. The rich flavor and incredible texture is completely lost with store bought. Enjoy!


Pie crust.jpg

pie crust

Whole wheat flour makes a buttery, flaky pie crust if you follow a few crucial steps: Use very cold ingredients; add enough liquid to make the dough hold together.  The distinctive flavor of the whole wheat flour is especially nice with apples or other fall fruit pies as well as quiches.


pumpkin bread.jpg

spiced pumpkin bread

When our youngest son was about three years old we attended a 'mommy and me' cooking class at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross, CA. It was themed around the seasons and was a blast; measuring, mixing, baking and eating with all those curious children. Of all the recipes from that class, Spiced Pumpkin Bread is our family favorite. It's super easy and I usually freeze one of the loaves if the first loaf last longer than a day.



sourdough bread

Here’s one of the simplest whole wheat bread recipes that makes a spectacular 100% whole-wheat loaf from sourdough starter. I originally found the recipe through a Mother Jones article using a formula developed by Jonathan McDowell from Washington State University’s Bread Lab. I’ve adapted their recipe with techniques from the San Francisco Baking Institute. If, as a home baker your question is, “can I do this?” the answer is, yes, absolutely! Bread baking requires practice and it might take a while to get your technique and rhythm down but the reward is worth it. You’re not only producing one of life’s most elemental and ancient foods, but the practice of baking bread is inherently satisfying. 

Sourdough pancakes.jpg

sourdough pancake or waffle batter

Sourdough pancakes are simply delicious. They are easier to digest than regular pancakes because the sourdough lactobacillus predigests the gluten in the flour, breaking it down to into an easy to eat food. They are also a great way to use your sourdough starter if you happen to have too much. Your family and friends will thank you for making them!


sourdough starter

Sourdough starter is simply flour and water left to ferment. But, when you look closer, it’s a medium teaming with wild yeasts, enzymes and lactobacilli. This culture leavens, conditions, flavors, and partially breaks down complex substances in the dough. In fact, the lactobacillus actually predigests the gluten in the dough, making bread baked with sourdough easier to metabolize. Michael Pollan argues, “what sourdough starter is, is the traditional way that bread was made until only about 100 years ago.”



weekend pancakes

I grew up with a father that only stepped into the kitchen once a week on Saturday mornings. On those mornings I'd wake up to the smell of bacon frying, the pancake griddle or waffle iron warming up, and the gathering of family in our kitchen. I loved those mornings. Good thing I married a man who has carried on this tradition in my own family. Ask any of our three children what their favorite Saturday morning tradition is and you'll here, "dad's pancakes!"