Elizabeth DeRuff has a background in business and is an ordained Episcopal priest who worked for nearly a decade as a seminarian and later as a staff member at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco.  Recipient of numerous grants she co-founded St. Macrina Episcopal Church, the first new Episcopal mission in Marin County in sixty years. Called by the Land, she founded Larkspur Farm, a non-profit focused on land conservation and farm education.  In 2013 she was commissioned by The Rev. Tom Brackett of the National Episcopal Church to conduct a study, Stories of Food and Farm Ministries - found on this blog under 'My Publications'.  Her findings have shaped her current work as an Agricultural Chaplain, launching The Farm to Altar Table Project and Staff of Life Flour. The Rev. DeRuff is inspired by saints like John Muir, William Kent and her grandfather, Ewart Simpkinson, who saw the Land as the Minister.  She grew a half a ton of fruits and veggies last year.

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