Our farm practices express our values in action. Our intention is to care for the soil, water, and complete ecosystem with all of our work. "Healthy soil has the miraculous ability to sequester carbon. And it’s not just carbon storage, healthy soil leads to: clean water, nutritious food, drought resistance, and restored habitats."¹ Farming with ecological practices makes our work of growing food an act of Land Stewardship.

Key practices for Honoré Farm and Mill 

  • organic seed
  • non-proprietary seed
  • stone-milled flour
  • locally grown
  • farmed with little or no irrigation
  • use of regenerative organic farming practices: low and no-till, crop rotation, cover cropping
  • land, seed and flour are blessed
  • a percentage of the grain is intentionally hand-planted and hand-harvested by community volunteers
  • measuring and tracking carbon sequestration

Our practices ensure soil vitality delivering healthy plants and nutritious food. We know the best tasting and healthiest food comes from healthy soil and we work hard to honor this connection in our dedication to ecological farming. 

“Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people”- J.I. Rodale


¹ Kiss the Ground, Los Angeles, California