It’s a workshop rich with specific information and inspiration relevant to your personal life as well as to your community and beyond.
— Coreen Walsh, Farm and Garden Director, Camp Stevens Episcopal Camp and Conference Center.

The Farm to Altar Table Workshop is appropriate for congregational forums and interfaith gatherings.

This workshop makes the connection between the bread on the altar table to what arises from the soil; linking farmers, farm practices and food-production practices to the communion bread we eat. We'll move from the personal and practical to the communal and spiritual.  Personally and practically speaking we'll learn about landrace and modern wheats, their nutrition value and why the staff of life is making some people sick (gluten issues). Communally and spiritually we'll look at the impact of farming conventional wheat on the environment and some of the social and historical relationships between agriculture and the church.  Spiritually, we'll discuss why Jesus asked us to remember him by sharing bread and what does that mean for our lives?


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