What we've done so far

We have now planted and harvested three successful fields of wheat at the Bishop's Ranch in Healdsburg, CA. Check our the CSA page for more information. 

For three years we worked with students from the MLK school in Marin City, CA to plant, harvest and learn about wheat. We developed a curriculum that helped the students discover how wheat is grown and turned in flour that can used to in the kitchen.

Our next step: the mobile mill

After many years of working with heirloom wheat, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring an essential element to the local grain economy by building the first known mobile mill house. Thanks to strong support we raised over $55,000. The mill house will contain a hand-crafted stone mill. The mobile mill will be a functional and educational tool, focused on advocating the benefits of freshly stone milled grains and providing flour that is incomparable in taste and quality. The mobile mill will enable travel to local schools, farmers markets, and community events.

Going forward we’re excited to raise additional funds to install a wood burning pizza oven on the Mobile Mill House so that students in schools and shoppers at the Farmer’s Market can taste the deliciousness of freshly milled heirloom flour. Pizza with delectable whole wheat crust will showcase the incomparable taste of whole grain flour. We are now raising funds, which are fully tax-deductible, to purchase a wood burning pizza oven, small refrigerator for the local cheeses, as well as fire retardant casing surrounding the oven, and equipment to comply with all safety regulations. Please join the movement and donate here.