The growers guild conference

Convening for the first time

may 2019 // northern california


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In May 2019, we will gather farmers, millers, bakers, and church members to explore the practical skills, ecological impacts, and spiritual opportunities of implementing a local Growers Guild. The conference will be centered around the formation of a lively community equipped to spread the joy of sustainable wheat and delicious, wholesome communion bread. Participants will learn how to connect with local farmers, millers, and people in the church to grow and mill grain for communion bread, and to act as a valuable community resource. The curriculum will include fun, hands-on workshops, live demonstrations, and panel discussions. Participants will also join in a joyful Honoré Planting Day to learn how to lead these vibrant volunteer events.




Keynote speaker


peter reinhart

Master bread-baker Peter Reinhart is also a lay brother in an eastern orthodox service order. He is the author of an award-winning bread cookbook and is on the faculty of Johnson and Wales University. He channels the science of baking into deep, spiritual lessons — and dispels stale myths about the nature (and flavor) of good, wholesome bread.



elizabeth deruff

President and Agrigultural Chaplain, Honoré Farm and Mill


nurya love parish

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Plainsong Farm and Ministry


vincent felice

Farmer and Drone Boat-Builder


doug mosel

Founder of the Mendocino Grain Project


Workshops include

Wheat Farming for Farmers (and Non-Farmers)

Communion Bread Baking with Peter Reinhart

The Spirituality of Farming

Milling and Nutrition

Models for Sustainable Grain Economies

The Carbon Cycle and Grain Growing

Interested in attending?