join our volunteer corps

We invite you to be a part of the first Honoré Volunteer Corps, and share in the growing support for the work that Honoré Farm and Mill provides to communities throughout the SF area, and in its emerging reach throughout the country. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with their hands in the fields that produce the rich heirloom grains, to work in the kitchen to prepare delicious Honoré flour-based goods, to package and ship Honoré products, and to be educators that travel with the Mobile Mill to advocate and demonstrate the story of the ancient tradition of growing heirloom grains.

Honoré could not grow without the many volunteer hands that have helped along the way. So, we’re making it official! We want to establish an Honore Volunteer Team that has a firm footing in the future of Honoré with enriching opportunities for being an ongoing member of this team. There will be a variety of unique volunteer opportunities to suit your interests, with special Volunteer programs and rewards for all participants. So, don’t wait! Join now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Honoré Volunteer Manager: Visionary and builder of volunteer programs!

Needed: 1 highly organized volunteer manager/supervisor
Time Required: 2 hrs/week
Place: Honoré Offices, home of Honoré President, Larkspur

  • Recruit and train Honoré volunteers to fill volunteer programs

  • Create volunteer reward program

  • Create volunteer unity events

  • Evaluate effectiveness metrics to help improve volunteer opportunities and experiences

  • Ensure strong communications between volunteers and Honoré

  • Fill in for volunteer positions as needed

Honoré Store Helpers: Prepare merchandise for online sales

Needed: 10 people, baking skills preferred
Time required: 1x/month, 4 hours (additional hours during Christmas holiday period)
Place: Commercial kitchen for baking, and/or Honoré Offices, home of Honoré President, Larkspur

· Stamp Honoré flour bags with logo

· Fill/weigh flour bags

· Help make Honoré Shortbread Cookies-baking skills required

· Package flour/cookies in shipping boxes

Values-In-Action: Flour packaging for Quarterly CSA Deliveries

Needed: 2 people, 4 times per year for ½ day (June, September, December, March)
Time Required: 4 hours max., 9:00am-1:00pm
Place: rotation of venues in the Marin and SF area

  • Set up work station with supplies at varying locations (flour, packaging bags, scales, utensils)

  • Instruct church volunteers on how to package and weigh flour

  • Assist with filling flour bags and weighing

  • Insert seasonal meditation message

  • Label packages

  • Sort bagged flour in shipping boxes

  • Load shipping boxes into car

  • Deliver boxes to postal office

Mobile Mill Educational Outreach: Educators for School and Local Event Outings

Needed: Team of 8-10 volunteers to serve as scheduled
Time Required: 2-3 hours per event, times tbd
Place: tbd-schools, businesses and local events, as dates are scheduled for the Mobile Mill

1) Mobile Mill Coordinators (2 volunteers, shared position)-ongoing responsibility, requesting 4hrs/week

  • Participate in training session for Mobile Mill outreach

  • Seek and schedule Mobile Mill outreach opportunities (schools, businesses and local events)

  • Schedule volunteers for Mobile Mill confirmed dates

  • Confirm dates and specifics for each Mobile Mill date (location, number of participants, space constraints, times, etc)

  • Train volunteer team members

  • Serve as Lead Educator for Mobile Mill events, and take active role in scheduled events

2) Mobile Mill Educators (8 volunteers, can work in pairs)-scheduled throughout the year

  • Participate in training session for Mobile Mill outreach

  • Prepare materials needed for Mobile Mill outreach (flour, demonstration materials, clean work area as needed, display items, signage, etc)

  • Accompany Mobile Mill driver to event, and present program as scheduled. Program is approximately 45 min.

  • Return Mobile Mill and leave it in good condition.

  • Complete report on event (# participating, highlights, problems, opportunities, etc)

Harvest Hosts: Organize and host the annual Honoré Harvest event, typically in August

Needed: Team of 5, with Event Manager to be designated by Honoré from among the volunteers
Time Required: April-June-approximately 2 hrs/week || July-approximately 4 hrs/week || August-approximately 40 during the month - hours as needed
Place: Planning and work sessions to be scheduled in venue of choice, based on availability (private homes, library meeting room, etc)
Responsibilities: (to be divided among Host Team)

  • Work closely with Honoré President to determine annual objectives and review proposed Harvest Day plans.

  • Set date and confirm availability with Honoré field sponsor.

  • Design and send invitations, marketing materials and onsite signage

  • Market event through social media, in coordination with potential Communications Coordinator

  • Secure materials needed for event (tools, bags, containers, etc)

  • Secure food (through donations where possible) for meal to be served

  • Secure sponsor(s)

  • Secure entertainment/music

  • Schedule/plan for Honoré merchandise table

  • Schedule/plan for presence of Mobile Mill

  • Define timeline for the day’s event: speakers, lunch, music, demonstrations, etc

  • Set up all equipment/tools, corporate signage, etc. on day of event

  • Solicit additional volunteers for day of event as needed

  • Provide final report on event (number attending, contacts for sponsors, partners and other participants, recap of actual schedule, problems, opportunities, etc)