join our volunteer corps

We invite you to be a part of the first Honoré Volunteer Corps! Share in the important work that Honoré Farm and Mill provides to communities in the SF area and in its emerging reach throughout the country.

There are a variety of unique volunteer opportunities to suit your interests and rewards for all participants. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with their hands in the fields to grow and harvest heirloom grains, to work in the kitchen to prepare delicious Honoré cookies, to package and ship Honoré products, and to be educators that travel with the Mobile Mill to advocate and demonstrate the growing and milling heirloom of grains.

So, don’t wait! Join now. We look forward to hearing from you.

+ Volunteer Manager

Needed: 1 organized person to envision and build the volunteer program!
Time Required: 2-4 hrs/week
Place: From your home office or Honoré Offices in Larkspur Responsibilities and areas to develop:

  • Recruit and train Honoré volunteers to fill 3 volunteer programs
  • Inspire volunteers with ongoing education and team events
  • Build fun and engaging communication within volunteer team
  • Organize an annual gathering of volunteers to celebrate their work


+ Harvest Host team

Organize and co-host annual summer harvest event.

Honoré's annual harvest is one of the highlights of the year as people gather on-farm to harvest, thresh, winnow, and mill heirloom grains. Picture a barn-raising: many people working together to produce a single, satisfying result. It’s a hand-on opportunity to experience the simple pleasure and multiple benefits of traditional wheat farming. Afterwards, we enjoy a farm-style lunch with fresh, organic, and local foods and wine

Needed: Team of 6
Time Required: April-August, 2 hrs/week with hours increasing near harvest event
Place: Planning and work sessions to be scheduled in venue of choice
Responsibilities: (to be divided among Host Team)

  • Planning food and beverage, and harvest activities
  • Co-host guests at harvest event
  • Work with musicians to plan music
  • Market event through social media
  • Work with Honoré's graphic designer to design event signage and materials
  • Recruit event volunteers
  • Share highlights after event


+ csa manager

Coordinates Honoré Flour CSA

Needed: 2 people, 4 times per year, to grow the CSA along with us!
Time Required: 4 hours per event, 9:00am-1:00pm + 10-15 hours before and after for planning and follow up
Place: Rotating venues in Marin and SF Bay Area

  • Partner with local miller and farmer to order flour
  • Drive to meet Honoré's miller in Ukiah and pick up flour
  • Prepare materials for CSA fulfillment events
  • Lead and train volunteer teams who package the flour
  • Inspire customer satisfaction with all CSA subscribers


+ Mobile Mill Coordinator

Bring Honoré to the community with the Mobile Mill

Needed: 1 volunteer to organize Mobile Mill outreach events
Time Required: 2-4 hrs/week

  • Organize Mobile Mill outreach opportunities with schools, businesses, and at local events
  • Build community sponsorship for Mobile Mill visits
  • Train and schedule Mobile Mill Volunteer Outreach Educators



+ Mobile Mill Outreach Educators

Bring Honoré to the community with the Mobile Mill

Needed: 8 volunteers (2 people per event), ideal for those with interest or experience in teaching
Time Required: 3-4 hours per event, once per quarter
Place: schools, businesses and local events

  • Learn and teach regenerative organic farming, stone-milling, and regional grain economies at various age-appropriate levels (Honoré provides training)
  • Present Honoré’s Mobile Mill curriculum at schools, businesses and local events
  • Help publish event highlights