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In November of 2016, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring an essential element to the local grain economy by building the first known mobile mill house. Thanks to strong support we raised over $55,000. Here is our film that was featured in our Kickstarter campaign.

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 wheat berries dropping into the top of a stone mill

the stone mill

A stone mill turns whole wheat berries into whole-grain flour that is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. Stone-milled flour, like fresh ground coffee, transforms the grain into flour with incomparable taste and provides loads of fiber needed to maintain a healthy gut. Our flour makes densely nutritious, easily digestible baked products including; crusty sourdough bread, non-yeast breads, pizza dough and cookies.

 the first sketch of the mill house

mobile mill house

The mobile mill house is the first of its kind —that we know of. Through our successful Kickstarter campaign, we designed a mill house for milling flour and other grains. It is a functional and educational tool, advocating the benefits of freshly stone-milled grains and regenerative farming practices. It is temperature and humidity controlled with proper ventilation. The first trip of the mobile mill house is to Austin, Texas to be showcased at a national conference of 5,000 people.