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The Power of Cookies at Stanford

Today I'm baking over 100 cookies for my Stanford entrepreneur class.  Our in-class challenge is to give a one-minute elevator pitch to the class in hopes of getting selected to make a more lengthy presentation next week.  I'm pitching my long dreamed-for concept of a working educational farm that grows, mills and produced sustainable wheat products while providing educational and leadership opportunities for school kids and underserved youth.  The cookies are my secret weapon - if a picture speaks a thousand words, then a bite of these speaks a million.  Recipe from Grist & Toll Here's what it looked like!

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One pound at a time - our first sale!

We sold our first pound of flour today!  That means one pound of flour that is organic, locally grown, 100% whole wheat and stone ground is replacing a pound of commercial flour grown with chemicals, shipped a long distance, milled using a highly processed system and tastes less than delicious.  It feels really good to connect people with local farmers who love their work.

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