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Shortbread Cookies awarded, Best "Marin Made" Cookie

Our local paper, The Marin Independent Journal, awarded our shortbread cookies, Best "Marin Made" Cookies.  They were baked from the wheat grown and milled at the Bayside/MLK Jr. Academy (a local public school).  I'm teaching the children how to grow, harvest, clean, mill and, best of all, bake with heirloom whole-wheat flour.  The children's reactions inspire me.  For example, they shouted with joy at the discovery that grains of wheat become flour through the process of milling.

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The Power of Cookies at Stanford

Today I'm baking over 100 cookies for my Stanford entrepreneur class.  Our in-class challenge is to give a one-minute elevator pitch to the class in hopes of getting selected to make a more lengthy presentation next week.  I'm pitching my long dreamed-for concept of a working educational farm that grows, mills and produced sustainable wheat products while providing educational and leadership opportunities for school kids and underserved youth.  The cookies are my secret weapon - if a picture speaks a thousand words, then a bite of these speaks a million.  Recipe from Grist & Toll Here's what it looked like!

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