A Heartening Day in Healdsburg

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m a summer intern with Honoré Farm and Mill. I’m passionate about healing the food system and I’m a rising sophomore at Scripps College! Last Monday, the Honoré gang took a trip up to Healdsburg to meet with local farmers and check on the progress of the Honoré Farm and Mill wheat crop. Our first stop was the Mendocino Grain Project (http://mendocinograin.net/), where Doug Mosel gave us a tour of his cleaning and milling operation. We learned that infrastructure for small-scale grain growers is basically non-existent, making it difficult to grow and mill grains on anything but a conventional model. This is why Doug has four machines just for sorting and cleaning grain, many of which he modified or designed himself! Seeing Doug’s indefatigable efforts to create and maintain local, sustainable food economies was so heartening, a feeling which only grew throughout the afternoon.


We met many generous, passionate people dedicated to creating sustainable farms and clean food for healthy communities, including Cindy Daniel from SHED (https://healdsburgshed.com/), which celebrates the connection between good farming, good cooking and good eating by holding culinary workshops and serving beautiful fresh food from local farms. We also met Lou Preston from Preston Farm & Winery (https://prestonfarmandwinery.com/), an organic farm and vineyard growing biodynamic crops that heal the soil and contribute wholesome food to the local area, including Honoré Farm and Mill grain planted by community volunteers eager to more fully understand wheat. Stay tuned for our upcoming community harvest day at Preston in September!


The efforts to create sustainable foodsheds that I saw on Monday made me hopeful for the future of sustainable, personal and local agriculture, especially grain farming.


I know that the good work being done in the Bay Area has and will continue to inspire many to promote innovative farming and land stewardship.