Hello from our Honoré Summer Intern

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Hello! My name is Sam Whittemore and four weeks ago I started as a summer intern with Honoré Farm and Mill. I was born and raised in Mill Valley and I’m a rising sophomore at Claremont Mckenna College. As an Economics major I am excited to help Honoré plan for financial sustainability.  Furthermore, I plan to add Chemistry as a second major starting next semester. Hopefully my journey into chemistry will help me to thoroughly understand the complicated process of sourdough fermentation! The goal of my time here at Honoré is to learn the ins and outs of a start-up operation as well as to contribute to the goal of teaching and restoring traditional ways of cultivating and producing wheat/flour. To come up to speed, I’ve spent hours reading articles and research about the fascinating properties and qualities of wheat that I never knew about. For example, according to an article published this year by the Harvard Business School, a shocking 24% of the US greenhouse gas emissions comes from the agriculture and forestry industries. This number is second only to fossil fuel consumption making it a key factor in combating climate change. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about my experiences and findings with the Honoré team.