lammas day - harvest party July 25, 2015

                                        Lammas Day Harvest Party 


Come join us and learn how to hand harvest heirloom wheat! 

Saturday, July 25th 10am-4pm or come for a few hours               Young and old alike are welcome

The Bishop's Ranch, 5297 Westside Road, Healdsburg, CA 

RSVP by July 22nd so we can order enough lunch 

(donations for lunch welcome)


In England, harvest days like ours are also called Lammas Day, which literally means "loaf-mass."  Lammas comes from the ancient Celtic festival marked the first harvest.  Ceremonially the first sheaf of wheat was threshed, milled and baked into bread.  The bread was offered to Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, in recognition for the land providing their food. Later, Christians saw the wisdom of giving thanks for food that comes from God's earth and adopted this practice; giving thanks to God for the "first fruits" of the field.

What I love about wheat is that it is a 'sociable crop.'  Dan Barber, chef/owner of Blue Hill Restaurant at Stone Barns reflects, "wheat was a community builder, a grain whose benefits were reaped only through cooperation and effective social organization - famers grew it, millers ground it, and bakers turned it into sustenance and pleasure." I would add that much of the pleasure is from the community that is created through this process.

Come be part of the community and practice your skills with a sickle - children will be chaperoned naturally.

Please rsvp by July 22nd ( so we can order enough lunch (donations for lunch welcome).