"Flour that isn't just the generic glue for the rest of the ingredients"

I want to thank all the people who purchased award winning Staff of Life Flour over the holidays. You are supporting the effort to get local, organic whole wheat flour into our food system for the sake of our health, the heath of our earth and because it tastes so good.  I was surprised by all the fan mail I received from your baking efforts.  Here's a comment from my friend, Annie, "I tried the Staff of Life flour (Sonora) for the first time on Thanksgiving - making a pumpkin pie crust.  Not as much crust got to the pan because the taste of the dough was so amazing.  The flour really is different than anything I have purchased before.  It had a nutty, earthy taste and texture that felt full of vitality.  The flour wasn't just the generic glue for the rest of the ingredients like usual; rather, the texture and taste made it the center-stage!" I've posted several new whole wheat recipes like, Lydia's Lemon Celebration Cake and Weekend Pancakes so you can keep baking and continue to delight your friends and family.

Thank you Annie and all of you for your support!  I also want to thank my IT Department, aka our son John, who loaded Square onto this blog so now it's easy to order Staff of Life flour anytime.