Growing Wheat and Understanding Together


Paloma Collier, the garden manager at MLK and I met this week to check in on our wheat project and to continue our education with the children.

Check out the growth after just one month!  What's really amazing is that the children are starting to make the connection that their tiny seeds planted in the ground will one day turn into flour that will make bread.  Growing wheat is a lot less obvious than planting tomatoes where one can see the fruit growing - we don't see tiny loaves of bread growing in the garden.

Paloma corrected some information about the school.  "It's called Bayside MLK Academy (because the elementary and middle school combined), and although Growing Great helped start the garden, they haven't been involved for almost two years now. The Milagro Foundation continues to fund part of the program, probably just through this year, and the Sausalito Marin City School District matches funds.  They definitely deserve recognition, as they are the ones who allow us to continue to run the program.  The Boys and Girls Club is the after school program. The Conscious Kitchen/ Teens Turning Green bought the compost...and I have really kept it all going in a time of huge transition. And don't forget about you!"

The children spent time observing the wheat.  Here are their drawings.

Afterwards we shared whole wheat bread and butter together.  If it wasn't communion I don't know what is.  We sat around the picnic table under the shade, sang a song, offered our thanks, and dug into the soft, sweet bread.  Caroline described it as, "wheaty and buttery."  Heaven, one of the kindergartners, remarked that the best part of eating together is sharing.  Amen to that!