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honoré was brought to life

from the simple idea that food

should sustain and nourish

our bodies, minds, and planet.

we stand for the restoration

of our relationships with grain;

with each other; with the earth.


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our story

Freshly baked bread has been an essential element of a bountiful table throughout history. Sadly, the nutritious grains grown by our ancestors are no longer used in most modern bread, replaced by modified strains that are water and pesticide intensive. Modern milling techniques further process grain into flour that it is flavorless and starchy, rapidly converting to sugar in the body, even when labeled whole grain. This has led many to give up bread all together. Happily, a movement is afoot to return to baking bread using the heirloom grains that still grow in America, and it is taking off.

Honoré Farm and Mill grows and sources heirloom wheat varietals such as Sonora, Red Fife, Turkey Red and others, all farmed without irrigation or pesticides.  A stone mill turns these heirloom sustainable grains into whole grain flour that is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, for use in the home kitchen and beyond. 

Stone-milled flour, like fresh ground coffee or pepper, offers incomparable taste. It provides loads of fiber needed to maintain a healthy gut. Our flour makes densely nutritious, easily digestible baked products including crusty sourdough bread, non-yeast breads, pizza dough and cookies. In fact, many people with gluten issues find they can once again enjoy wheat products made from our flour. When you bake with Honoré Flour, you will be able to, once again, have real bread at the center of your table.

Caring for the environment and healing the earth are core to our mission. To fulfill this mission we farm locally, organically, and without irrigation. See our Sustainability Impact page to see how you’re helping to improve the environment by using our flours.

We are a non-profit because our heart is to educate and serve everyone in our community. We support our charitable work through the sales of flour and heirloom wheat products.

We are named for Honoratus of Amiens or St. Honoré  who is the patron saint of boulangers/bread bakers, communion bread bakers, and flour merchants. He lived in 7th century France and was known as a humble and generous man, always pictured with a baker's peel.

board of directors

Elizabeth DeRuff - president and Chair

Elizabeth DeRuff is an Agricultural Chaplain with The Episcopal Church, businesswoman, and farmer who makes her home in Marin County. She is a pioneer in exploring the intersection of food, land and faith. In this capacity, she conducts research, writes, teaches, preaches and consults with congregations around the country. Currently, Elizabeth grows and sources two varieties of heirloom wheat, which are stone milled and available for sale from Honoré Farm and Mill. She also directs a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that provides flour to churches. Her research, and recipes, are available online at She has a BS in economics from the University of Southern California, an M.Div. from The Episcopal Divinity School of the Pacific, and a certificate in bread baking from the San Francisco Baking Institute and recently baked the "perfect" whole wheat sourdough loaf in her home oven.

Lydia Ruffin 

Lydia is a professional musician and singer.  Her current acoustic American roots music band, Mayor Taylor, is active in the St. Louis music scene. She was the founding artistic director for Art & Soul Café in St. Louis, a monthly gathering focusing on integrating the arts and spirituality through interactive experiences among artists of all disciplines and an enquiring community.  Lydia is a birdwatcher, photographer, and healthy food enthusiast.  She sees building community and working toward the common good as essential to our future together, and so is excited to be part of the mission of Honoré Farm and Mill.

Charles Simpkinson, Ph.D 

Charles H. Simpkinson, Ph.D brings a wealth of experience in non-profit formation and management. As the founder of The Psychotherapy Networker, Inc. as well as the Publisher of Common Boundary magazine his holistic vision was expressed in the integration of the Psychotherapy professions.  This was accomplished through the creation of an educational forum in which professionals from Psychiatry, psychology, social work and pastoral counselors could collaborate around various psychotherapy approaches. He was also a practicing clinical psychologist for 30 years in Bethesda, Maryland.  He had a faculty appointment at the Johns Hopkins Medical School in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science.  Dr Simpkinson is the author of numerous articles and books on the topics of spirituality and Psychotherapy. 

Margaret Kinnaman 

Maggie Kinnaman.jpg

Maggie brings extensive experience in education, governance and facilities management. For 30 years she served at the University of Maryland, Baltimore as Director for Business Administration in the Facilities Management department. For 25 years she was active in APPA, the association for college and university facilities officers. She is a recognized leader serving as APPA’s International President as well as receiving APPA’s highest award, APPA Fellow. Of special note, she is the only woman to have ever received this award. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and an Executive Masters in General Administration from the University of Maryland College Park. Today she works as a consultant, is the Co-Chair of the Center for Facilities Research and as the Editor-in-Chief of the digital Body of Knowledge for the profession.

Deborah broder

Deborah Broder is a professional business consultant in the field of arts management and arts integration, bringing for-profit business acumen to the non-profit sector. She formerly served as Vice President of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Strathmore where she directed the organization’s DC/Montgomery County presence. Previously, Deborah served as Executive Director of The Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville (FL), the largest contemporary art museum in the state. She also held the position of Development Director of the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and Executive Director of the Riverside Fine Arts Association. She has served on the boards of the Jacksonville Community Music School, Jacksonville Country Day School, and the Ritz Chamber Music Foundation. Prior to her move to the non-profit arts field, Deborah’s professional career was concentrated in advertising and marketing in the for profit sector, including her position as Vice President at Donor Advertising in Detroit, Michigan and President of her own firm, Broder Advertising. She has a BFA and MBA from Southern Methodist University.


vincent felice- farmer


Vincent is a farmer and entrepreneur dedicated to connecting values, action and fun in the field. He has run a successful vegetable farm outside Seattle, started an all-organic, all-local soup business, become a night sky tour guide, sailed thousands of miles on a classic wooden boat, and most recently, grown heirloom grain in California. 

When Vincent is not growing and processing heirloom grain he can be found cooking, singing, and building high-tech boats dedicated to oceanographic research in Alameda, CA.

adam wilner - mobile mill oversight


Adam Willner is an entrepreneur, restaurateur and consultant who founded the ZAO Noodle Bar chain. He has expertise in fund raising, business, restaurant operations and design, marketing, and concept creation. Adam has served as a trustee on the boards of Marin Country Day School and Marin Academy and the Homestead Valley Community Center. He is passionate about local and sustainable agriculture, good food, education and community. Mr. Willner has a BA from Wesleyan University.

kelly cole - strategy and operations advisor

Kelly Cole | headshot.jpg

Kelly is an educator and nonprofit jill-of-all-trades who comes from a family of bread bakers.  After years of work in San Francisco nonprofits and a decade of home educating her children, she is currently enjoying assisting with Honoré operations and some carefully chosen teaching opportunities. She has served on the board of New Door Ventures and currently volunteers as a San Francisco City Guide, and in her spare time tries valiantly to improve her sewing skills. She holds a BA from UC Davis, and a Masters in Nonprofit Administration from University of San Francisco.

john deruff - digital manager


John is a college sophomore in Washington, D.C. studying engineering. He brings extensive website and digital content development experience. Working alongside us, he has also built websites for individuals, non-profits, and university organizations. As his senior project at the Bay School of San Francisco, he planned, coordinated and led a model United Nations conference for 25 middle schoolers. John has been with Honoré since our beginnings and develops our digital content as well as manages our website, email, and social media platforms.



Jordan Boudreau

Jordan Boudreau works at the intersection of design, environmentalism, and education, and recently graduated from Yale with a double major in Environmental Studies and Architecture. Jordan designed the Honoré logo in 2016, and joined us in the summer of 2018 as a design intern. During his time with us as an intern, he worked on a variety of graphics, illustrations, architectural designs, and writing, culminating in a prospectus document outlining our future goals and growth as we look to establish a farm and education center in the near future. Jordan's work with Honoré has been driven by a commitment to the kind of community-based sustainable food systems that Honoré seeks to establish and uphold.


Sarah Arnt

Sarah is an organizer, educator, and facilitator passionate about the power of food to build intersectional social movements. She focuses on youth empowerment and activism, healthy school meal campaigns, and supporting community-led development. She is Program Manager for The Conscious Kitchen, and worked previously as a Facilitator-Teacher for IHP's "Rethinking Food Security" study program and as Associate Community Manager at the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses. She also organizes dialogues and workshops with Food Thought Collective and Ecofarm. A common thread throughout her work (paid and unpaid), is a commitment to exploring the intersection of white privilege and gender oppression in the fight for racial justice, and the role of spirituality and healing in relationship with the land. These interests, combined with a persistent curiosity, brought her to Honore Farm and Mill, where she has helped with harvest and processing, marketing, and outreach.


Sophia West

Sophia just finished her freshman year at Pomona College as an International Relations major. After working on food instability projects in the past, Sophia is excited to work at Honoré to increase accessibility to healthy, nourishing food for all. When she is not studying, she enjoys running, cooking, reading, and spending time with her dog.


Sophie Aniela Boczek

Sophie is a junior at Scripps College and is passionate about equitable and sustainable food. As an intern for Honoré Farm and Mill, she conducted research about the environmental and health impacts of conventional wheat to that grown by Honoré. Sophie also contributed to website conceptualization for the Honoré Growers Guild. She loves that Honoré is dedicated to creating sustainable connections between farmers, churches, bakers, and people to make a more joyful and just food system for all.


Rebecca Cole

Rebecca is a junior Biology and Spanish double major at University of Portland, where she usually can be found searching for sunshine or bouldering. A lifelong interest in sustainable agriculture and food systems as well as newfound passion for conservation from her studies at university brought her to work with Honoré. As a summer administrative intern, her main task was to help plan for the 2019 Growers Guild Conference.